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About Me


Thank you for taking the time to look through my site, I'm Jo, a family photographer based in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.  For me, not only is photography a hobby and passion of mine, but it gives me something so special - family memories.  


That is why I get so much pleasure photographing each family, being able to capture their memories for their own family story. I try to provide a mix of fun, relaxed and natural portraits as well as posed and structured ones to give you a good variety of your special moments, expressions and actions that are caught on camera forever.


I love photographing my own two boys (when they let me!) as they grow. Since my first child was born I have done a family photo book each year, so I can provide lasting memories for them and their family to come. We regularly look through these and laugh, joke and reminisce again and again.

When I’m not taking portraits you’ll find me out in the countryside somewhere (usually with my dog, Poppy) walking or taking photos of the landscape.

Please take a look and contact me if you would like to book a photography session or have any questions.


Jo x

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